Thanks to Kidz Jigz, all our Tamariki are enjoying their big T Rex Puzzles, they love digging it up from the bottom of the sandpit and putting it together , and using it for their mat activity. Great quality product with absolute outstanding service, we definitely recommend Kidz Jigz to all. Premier Preschool. James Wang (owner) 

 Kidz Jigz puzzles look fabulous on the kindergarten puzzle shelf. They are uniquely eye catching, fun and very well made. They can also be deceptively difficult, and this offers a surprising challenge to our most expert puzzlers.

 Whitiora Kindergarten Staff and children have been highly impressed by the wonderful puzzles supplied to us by Kidz Jigz. Their puzzles are both beautifully presented and robust-they work for children which is a must. They have made puzzles based on our ideas and cut to the number of pieces we want-a much more personal service than something from a catalogue. The wooden guitars are very popular come out at every music session. Each year the children wait in anticipation for the new range of do the teachers-we see these puzzles as great investment for learning.